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About Us

Calic̣  blossoms like a flower in July 1998.
Its name derives from a fabric, a cotton Indian light texture, almost a gauze, which was imported from
Calicut, India
The glass beads, India, fabrics, colors, bijoux and many other objects are the things that the founder of
Calic̣, Cristina Insalaco, likes.  

At Calic̣ we create jewelry, handbags, hats, little petical objects made of extremelyl varied materia:glass, beads, string, colored resins, cloth, paper, wool ...
But also fragments of dreams, little faded memories, feelings of deja-vu... 

And even buttons forgotten for years in tin boxes, silk flowers, old lace, vintage necklaces beads found in markets throughout Europe.




Calic̣ - Via Carrobbio 15 - Varese  (Italy)

tel/fax +39 0332 234945 - P.IVA 02440350128 - info@calico-bijoux.it