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We make mainly bijoux, almost always pieces unique and hardly repeatable, due to the handicraft feature of enforcement. .

Used materials vary widely, ranging from "classics" pieces with half-crystal and glass beads, coming from all over the world , to other in colored resin, wooden beads, rope and fabric, wool, metal thread and buttons.

There is also a line in raku ceramic, which offers picture-brooches, iridescent colored necklaces, sculpture - ringsche una linea in ceramica raku, che propone spille-ritratto, collane dai colori iridescenti, anelli-scultura

The proposals start from here, but they also want to meet the wishes of customers who wants them.
Modifications, repairs, customised parts, are a feature of the shop / laboratory

In addition to bijoux, there are fashion accessories such as handbags and purses,
scarves, stoles, hats, even small collections dedicated to babies and small objects such as incense burners, picture frames, notebooks, postcards, greeting cards.
You just have to come see Calicò live, or visit us on the web.



Calicò - Via Carrobbio 15 - 21100 Varese  - Italy

tel/fax +39 0332 234945 - P.IVA 02440350128 - info@calico-bijoux.it